Tips for Saving Money

Saving money is challenging because, well, life is expensive. Many things we need and the things we long for cost money, which makes saving a chunk of money a bit more daunting. We found changing a few habits and becoming more aware about spending helped us tremendously. Here are a few tips in order to put a few more dollars in your bank account:

  1. Eat and drink at home. Everyone loves a meal they don’t have to prepare themselves. However, eating out and drinking at bars can be pricey and can end up saving a lot of money every week. The more you push yourself to cook at home and drink a cold one from your own fridge the better. This doesn’t mean never go out with friends or treat yourself, just be mindful of how much you are spending. Get friends together for a bbq, drink a 6 pack on the beach together, or have a potluck.
  2. Cut back on speciality items. So you know how you love quality chocolate, kombucha, and fresh juices, ya those have to go…or make your own! We all have those products we love and spend a little extra on. Whether it be a product, food, etc wean yourself off of them. For example I love expensive chocolate and kombuchas. I would treat myself to a kombucha every other week and learned to make my own chocolate for cheap. Get creative with your cravings for things and see if you can cut out the splurging items.
  3. Make conscious choices everyday. All to often we hear about something whether its a concert or a must have product and we purchase without thinking. Do I really need another hat or pair of sunglasses? Should I really spend $35 on a concert where i don’t really know the artist? This ties into our next tip….
  4. Set rules for online purchasing. WOW, it’s so easy to spend money, its as simple as a click of a button…literally. We suggest setting rules for online buying in order to save a little extra dough. For example, if you go online, find a product you like, and find yourself at the last step before you click purchase, leave the site. Exit out and put it out of sight and out of mind. If you find yourself thinking about the product a few days later acknowledge but don’t act. If you still find yourself thinking about the product after some time, reason with yourself if you really do need it and then purchase. Its so easy to buy things that we don’t necessarily need. Give yourself some time before you actually click purchase.

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