Spending Less while Traveling

Now for a few tips on spending less while traveling:

  1. Again, eat and drink at home. Go out to eat, try the local flare, enjoy all the new flavors. However, you don’t need to do this for every meal. Find things you can fix up at your hostel that will help you cut back on spending. A few of our favorites include: oatmeal and banana or eggs and toast for breakfast; quinoa, beans/lentils and veggies for lunch or dinner. When eating out don’t go to the tourist hot spot, prices are guaranteed to be much higher than the local spot. Eat street food, find out where the locals hang, and ask if they have a menu of the day.
  2. Depending on what country you are in check both flights and bus prices before you head off to your next destination. Take into account if you take a flight or bus at night that is one less night of accommodation you are paying for. Determine what is worth your time and money but remember every little bit counts. For example we almost just bought plane tickets to Medellin, it was quite the offer. A 1hr flight for only $60. The overnight bus is 16 hours and costs $35. It seemed worth the $15 difference but then you add a nights stay somewhere, your checked baggage, a taxi from the airpot, taxes at the airport (depending on what country). We would have spent well over double the cost of the bus. Now we get to see more of the country by land, sleep, read, write, and save on a nights stay.
  3. Workaway. Workaway is a platform for hosts and volunteers to connect and exchange experiences. Basically, we the volunteers pick a country and region we want to go to, workaway displays 5-60 different opportunities to volunteer whether its on a farm, in a school, at a hostel, or someones personal home. Each person has a descriptive profile expressing who they are and explaining the work. We select a place that seems to suit us best and in return we receive a place to stay and meals everyday. Usually volunteers work 5 hours a day 5 days a week. We have experiencing volunteering at hostels, on farms, at eco resorts, and all have been wonderful experiences that have allowed us to connect to others. Depending on the place, our connections have been with locals, other travelers, families, animals, and communities.
  4. Many tours will suggest or say a guide is needed. Always ask whether you actually need a guide for something. Many times you can hike or see areas without a tour or guide to heighten the cost.
  5. Use google flightsTraveling by bus in South America is generally cheaper but if you are planning on flying, google flights is a great resource. Most people don’t use it but it searches for all the best options at once. It also offers an interactive calendar. Kiwi is also a great site for finding cheap flights.