Traveling entices many and rewards those who embrace the adventure. The rewarding experiences we receive from exploring the world will be shared here. We started this blog to inspire would-be travelers and aspiring vagabonds through photos and stories.


As homegrown Californians in our mid-twenties, we appreciate the outdoors and pushing the limits by exploring far beyond the beaten path. Our current trajectory is aimed towards the culturally and geographically diverse continent of South America. During our travels you’ll find us backpacking trails in the Andes to point breaks in rural Colombia and everything in between.


We are avid hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Anything that involves exercise and some nature will be focused on during our trip. Because of this most of our stories and information will be regarding these fantastic outdoor locations.


We bought one-way tickets to Colombia after finishing school and quitting our jobs. Experiencing epic treks and beautiful countryside is not only rewarding but cheap. We like traveling on the minimal side and getting to know different places on a more personal level. If this sounds like stuff you like to do then follow us on our trip! We’ll be posting regularly and providing unique insight into the far reaches of our wonderful world.