Gearing Up and Heading Out

Preparing –

Preparing for a trip is always more drawn out than you think. The preparation starts slowly and builds until you’re stopping by the last store to get a final item and you feel like a kid again. Giddy and free from sitting (or standing) at the office. Although getting to that point takes multiple steps. Especially when you’re preparing for a trip involving all the seasons, backpacking gear and an ‘indefinite’ amount of time.

Saving Money

Saving money is always the hardest step. Cutting back on even the occasional night out can result in huge savings, but it always pays off. One drink at a bar is equal to a nights stay in most countries’ hostels or a bus ticket to your next destination. The more money you save the more freedom you have to explore new places and say yes to the next adventure. For that reason and many others, saving as much money as possible is essential to a fruitful traveling experience. Head overthere for more tips for saving money.

“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money” – Susan Heller

Buying Gear

Buying the right gear is incredibly important and we felt if we did it right the first time, we’d never make the purchase again. Looking at price tags on sleeping bags and down jackets was extremely daunting. However, once we bit the bullet we were sleeping in shorts and t-shirts on a 30 degree night.


The North Face has great bags and carabiners seem to be the most useful tool while traveling.


Efficient Packing

Stuff sacks are wildly underrated. All sleeping bags, raincoats and down jackets should come with stuff sacks in their own pockets because its genius. It saves room in your day pack and backpack (aka best friend; we will be calling our backpacks our best friend from now on). Compacting regular clothes and miscellaneous items into tiny organized spheres is also the bees knees.

We also packed items that we use for multiple functions.

Taking Off

As we were pushed back into our seats and the wheels of the plain lifted off the ground, we looked at each other with varying thoughts. Alaina’s energy boosted with excitement, the trip she’d been searching for was three flights away (it was along day). While my stomach dropped from lift-off, I remembered the ups and downs that accompany any traveling experience. Nevertheless, putting yourself outside your comfort zone is rewarding whether its a high or a low. Our advice to any aspiring globetrotter, don’t let the unknown intimidate you. 

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