Population: 49 million

Divided into: 9 states

Major Cities: Bogota, Medellin, Barranquilla, and Cali

Currency: Colombian Peso (COP)


Exchange rate: approx. 3,000 pesos to USD

Average cost of:

  • Typical Colombian Meal: $2-3
  • Hostel dorm room: $8
  • Beer: $1
  • Campsite (if you can find a campground): $10
  • Bus ride (16hr): $35

Slang words:

  • Chevere: meaning “cool”, ex: “Que chevere”
  • Guayabo: hungover
  • Tranquilo: relax or chill
  • Que hay?: What’s up?

Famous foods:

  • Arepa: corn cakes almost like thick tortillas, can be stuffed with cheese
  • Bocadillo: sweet guava energy bar….essentially sugar and guava condensed
  • Sopa: soup of all different kinds for lunch (generally with some sort of meat)
  • Patacones: Smashed, double fried, plantain chips
  • Limonada de Coco: coconut lemonade (insanely good!!!!)
  • Tinto: Coffee without sugar or milk
  • Bunuelos: Fried dough balls filled with cheese
  • Typical lunch plate: soup, small salad, rice, beans or meat, and fried plantain

Commonly Seen:

  • Billiard tables: Colombians love to play billiards (even when we were in rural areas in the Sierra Nevadas, a little hole in the wall bar had a table!)
  • Waterslides: We can’t tell you how many towns we have seen or passed through with a community pool with a massive waterslide