As a recent college graduate, I found myself in a similar position as many others asking myself what the hell I was going to do with my life. My family frequently traveled instilling a desire to seek new landscapes that I can’t ignore. Inevitably, traveling became the best option for my post-graduation plans. What better way to continue learning and satisfy the itch of exploration?

My degree in Environmental Management and Protection only furthered my passion for the outdoors. It has become one of my favorite topics for discussion along with photography. A few other interests and hobbies that occupy my time are surfing, reading, and eating.



In my first year of college I spent my time scheming about hypothetical trips I could take to escape four more years of sitting in a classroom.  I researched but never seemed to follow through. Then one day while scrolling through flights I clicked ‘purchase’. I was flying to Italy a month later. This is when I started living for summers. I would take every opportunity I got to blow my savings on a flight to another country. I graduated 2 years ago and have been in a work, save, travel cycle ever since.

While traveling you’ll find me doing the many things I love. Trail running is my therapy, no matter where I am I’ll find places to run. Cooking is pretty much my only creative outlet and I get little kid excited over backpacking trips. I can’t wait to share our story and those of the many people we will encounter. I hope this blog will bring each of you new perspective, laughter, and inspire you to do good things.