Ayampe – A Small Beach Town in the District of JipiJapa

A tiny ocean-front town with some of the best waves in Ecuador. We arrived on a Tuesday afternoon after three full days of travel from Colombia. In the last hour of the bus ride our bodies were tingling with excitement. Excitement to see where we would be spending the next month but mostly to be free from confined spaces. I couldn’t wait to see the beach where I could run like a free animal.



We had done little to no research about Ayampe. Just heard it was nice and google searched a few images. We were in for a surprise. This town and the apartment beat all of our expectations. The apartment is on the third story of a beach front long-term hostel. It’s bright, airy, and the breeze we get every afternoon is divine. All the front facing windows overlook the ocean. It’s small but functional and a perfect place to unpack for awhile.



The town is similar to our apartment, small but functional. There are two very small stores, one being the size of a walk in closet; a few restaurants that offer local to international cuisine; and  various places to stay. The dirt roads are lined with colorful homes, friendly faces, and baby chicks.


Every morning we wake up to the local vendors shouting “camarones, dorado, aguacate, coco!” Shrimp, fish, avocados, and coconut. Fernando, our friend, drives a red truck filled with crates of fresh fruits and veggies. Almost everyday, we chase him down to get the freshest ingredients for our home cooked meals. Every Wednesday and Sundaywe buy warm bread, not just any bread, amazing, gooey, and flavorful bread made by Juan and Mou from Argentina. Our two favorites are their garlic bread and cheesy tomato filled delicacy (its essentially a pizza without sauce).


We are living a pretty rough life here; wake up, run or surf, yoga, cook, read or nap, surf again or walk the beach, watch the incredible sunsets from our balcony, and in bed by 9pm.

Ayampe Apartment

Beachy apartment

From Christmas to New Years the town filled up with tourists from Quito and Guayaquil. Now its back to sleepy Ayampe, never more than 15 people on the beach at a time. It’s a paradise.


Last Sunset of 2017


8 thoughts on “Ayampe – A Small Beach Town in the District of JipiJapa

  1. Hi guys! I am loving reading your blog! I am eriously thinking of moving to Ecuador next year for at least six months. Keep your eye open for the perfect town for me! I have been thinking Cuenca but it might be a bit too big.
    You two are so inspirational. Not a bad day yet it seems! Love you!
    Cindy aka dona

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oooh! That’d be awesome. It is a little big but we’re going to try and check it out on our way towards Peru. We’ll be sure to give you the full low down on the place. We’re having a blast for sure! Love you too!


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