The town where everyday feels like Sunday. Barichara is an indigenous word which means “a place to rest”. The cobble stone streets are sandwiched by white buildings with colorfully painted doors. It looks like a Pinterest photo, perfectly decorated with cacti, clay pots, and blooming flowers.


Barichara sits on the edge of the Suarez Canyon. The river below is brown and consistently full. The hills are steep and of course, green. (Colombia is one of the most water rich countries in the world.) Everyday the clouds build on the high peaks. They are gorgeous. Starting off small and translucent, eventually building to look like big macaroons.


Suarez Canyon

We spent nearly a week enjoying this town. I’d go for long runs on the canyons edge catching the morning coolness. After, we’d sip on fresh fruit smoothies enjoying the hostel’s lush courtyard. We spent the days playing cards in the plaza, going for hikes, and taking naps. It was the most we have just chilled and it was fantastic.


One of the local churches. 

Thanksgiving was during this week. Feeling bummed that we weren’t gorging ourselves with family and friends, we decided we’d treat ourselves to a dinner out. A small international restaurant, named Shanti, was in need of an English menu and we jumped at the opportunity to translate it. In exchange, Carolina, the owner cooked us an amazing meal. A vegetable wok and an Italian vegetable and rice dish, accompanied by exotic smoothies, all made with fresh ingredients. Figuring out ways to save money such as this is actually pretty fun. We will definitely be doing more of these exchanges in the future. To top the night off we substituted pumpkin pie for ice cream sundaes with melted chocolate and bananas.


Some art in the park at the top of town. 

By the end of the week we were feeling rested and overly relaxed, which ended up being good preparation for the busy city life that lay ahead. We’ll be writing about our time in Medellin shortly, but first we have to get out and explore this incredible city!

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9 thoughts on “Barichara

  1. Oooooh…macaroon clouds. Your metaphors are like gifts under the Christmas tree! What a sweet town to pass some downtime in. I notice you’re not mentioning vicious dogs any more…are you not running into them or do you just not want us to know about them? Why did I ask that?! Alaina, I ran into your mom yesterday and we chatted away about you two. Vicarious’s what we do. Hugs and lots of love to you both. xxoo I’m also loving going back and reading past posts.

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