Guatapé – Town of Colors

We rode the bus two hours into the mountains to the little town of Guatapé.


The town lies at approximately 7,000ft in elevation. Although it rains pretty much every day in the afternoon (the rainy season never takes a break), we have been lucky enough to catch a break for a least 4 hours everyday. The temperature is crisp. Refreshing during the day and cold at night, like down jacket cold. It’s an amazing place for outdoor activities and exploration.. our favorite.



As you can see, there’s plenty to explore.

Here are a few fun activities we’ve done here.

Climbing La Piedra – 


After 740 steps we reached the top sweaty and out of breath. The elevation definitely caught us off guard. The view from the top is absolutely stunning. We got lucky with a mostly clear day, there was lake as far as the eye can see. At the top there’s a few little shops and opportunity to buy beer or ice cream. We opted for the ice cream. By the time we made it home the clouds had moved in and the rain started soon after.



Strolling the streets – 


Alaina strollin’.

It may sound obvious but this place offers endless entertainment. Each building has its own blend of colors and figurines drawn on the sides. Sipping coffee and admiring the artwork is a daily activity.


The Vista (hike) – 

Along with most of the hikes in Colombia, this one started with a dirt road. Climbing into the surrounding country side exposes the raw beauty of rural Colombia. The only inhabitants of vast green fields are cows of every size and color.


We took a route up into the mountain that’s basically a semi-dried up stream-bed. There were several amazing view points and unique plant life.


Alaina power climbing like a mountain goat. 

Dropping down towards the valley we followed the same stream bed. Stumbling over rocks we stopped often to soak in the views of the rock and lake below. Eventually we got to a barely large enough gap in the barbed wire fence to drop into a green valley below. We jumped and ran like little kids down the hill.


Following a stream up into the trees we found the water cascading over rocks into a grove of massive leaves.


After soaking in the fresh air and messing around with the leaves (which were the size of Alaina) we followed the river back into town through small valleys dotted with cows.

Each day is finished off with a cold Club Colombia and a hot veggie dinner. Life is good and we are two happy beings.


9 thoughts on “Guatapé – Town of Colors

  1. Great post! Mom and I are here drooling…colors are spectacular. La Piedra doesn’t even look real? Wonderful photos. Alaina – the pic of the leaf? My goodness. As always, a pleasure to get the blog. We feel like we’re traveling with you! Much love.

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  2. I love that picture of  Alaina behind the leaf! The area is beautiful.  So much water, it makes a Californian jealous!

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  3. I could spend A LOT of time in that town……colors, colors, colors! The buses are my favorites. No, that’s not true……my favorite thing about this post is the comment, ” We are two happy beings.” Enjoy! I love you tons and miss you more. One more thing…..just like my phone messages….the new layout of the blog looks fantastic, very professional.


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