The Life we’re Livin’

The days are filled with hiking and chugging coffee. The nights are filled with laughter and lots of talking. If there is one thing we have learned, its how much Colombians love to talk. They are the most friendly people that just want to stop mid way up the hill on their motorcycle to see what you are up to. They will join you on a hike and fill all the silences with more questions and stories. Its quite fun.


Alaina picking her way through deceivingly deep ruts.


We met Juan David randomly on a hike and ended up trekking with him for over an hour. Colombians are so nice.

We have spent the last few days exploring the area around the hostel and oh me oh my its pretty amazing. The vistas vary greatly. Looking in one direction you see the ocean divided by the “Troncal del Carribe”, with skylines of half developed buildings, and cargo ships that look like little ants off in the distance.

In the other direction mountains peak above eye level, boasting every shade of green, and massive white puffy clouds building as the daily storm brews.


There are birds, butterflies, and flowers of literally every color you can imagine. Our favorite so far is a butterfly that reps lavender on top and orange on the bottom. When it flies its like magic. its become our mission to capture a picture of one of these before we leave.

Taylor tucks me in every night. It’s not like a kid asking their mom or dad to tuck them in and read them a bed time story. I ask nightly so that he will proceed to tuck my mosquito net under my twin bed mattress so the large spiders that crawl the walls don’t end up as my bunk mate. Mosquitos are real here and man, their bites are itchier than ever.

As much as we are excited to see new places and explore more of Colombia, the mountains and comfort of new friends will keep us enjoying every moment for the next two weeks.




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